Meeting Feedback Form 15/5/19

Thank you for attending the St George's Day Meeting. Please can you give us your feed back? Please select what most appropriately describes the presentation given by each speaker. We also welcome your comment in the free text section at the end.
1 Pre-assessment
Paul Upton, Ultramed Ltd and Sarah Hammond, Consultant Anaesthetist, St George’s Hospital

2 Pre-habilitation and CPEX
Denny Levett, Professor of Peri-operative Medicine and Critical Care, Southampton University

3 Surgery School
Carolyn Johnston, Consultant Anaesthetist, St George’s Hospital

4 Peri-operative psychological support
Sahil Suleman, Macmillan Clinical Consultant Psychologist, St George’s Hospital

5 Patient perspective
Katherine Jarman

6 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
William Fawcett, The Featherstone Professor of Anaesthesia, Royal Surrey Hospital

7 Peri-operative Quality Improvement Programme
Nirav Shah, Consultant in Critical Care, St George’s Hospital

8 The future of Peri-operative Medicine
Ramani Moonesinghe, Professor of Peri-operative Medicine, University College London

9 Overall Impression of the meeting
10 Other comments